Saturday, May 5, 2007

Hide and Go Seek

Sorry.. I was hiding and I think that no one was seeking!

No really I wasn't hiding I have just been busy. Spring is always a very busy time of year around these parts. People are always bringing boats to be worked on and of course there is the two we have that need to be worked on as well!

I am headed to breakfast with Joe this morning so again this is going to be a short post but wanted you to know I am alive and well.

PS does anyone know how to cook shikabobs so that the meat is tender yet the veggies are done??


  1. Don't quote me on it, but it seems I saw somewhere that you're supposed to pre-cook the veggies a little first and then finish them off on the grill. Or, you could just go out for dinner and order shishkabob! HAHA! Also, I seek you!

  2. Marinate the meat first. (use a marinade with some sort of acidic init, like wine, vinegar or citrus) and blanche your harder vegetables for a few minutes first. Then pop them all onto the skewers and grill. Yummy!

  3. Yeah, that's it!!!! YAY, Marie! I specifically came back to see if anyone with REAL knowledge had shared--and I was rewarded! Mmmmmmm...shishkabobs.

  4. Goodness, can you believe I am giving you cooking advice?

    Precook the veggies. Like the others said 'blanche'em!'

    Or you can do it the easy way and don't bother with the whole bob-thing. I cook the meat and veggies separate. It's easier and seriously who needs those stickes?