Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Happy One Month Anniversary to ME.

Ok Ok to US.

It has been one month of bliss. I would say the honeymoon still isn't over.

I go to DC tomorrow for two days. Monthly meetings. Fun. I have decided that they are a lot like the WWF in suits. You know .. back stabbing, bad refs, people thinking they are in control that aren't, the good guys, the bad guys, all the fun of wrestling minus the fake blood, ladder, tables and chairs.. WAIT we have tables and chairs!!

Seriously though it isn't all bad I happen to like wrestling (please don't tell the Waterman this it may be grounds for divorce) and I get to see my WONDERFUL WONDERFUL Boss and I get to see my sister so that makes it good.

On the bad side I have to leave the Waterman, the Binky Boo and the Dude until Thursday night. That part STINKS.

If by some chance I don't update for two days.. NOW you know why.


  1. Oh, I know--doesn't time away from the loves of your life feel like forever? Nonetheless, I hope it is a good trip. As for me, I took the slideshow trip through your flickr pix. Girl, I just LOVE the way you and the Waterman look at each other; yet another beautiful thing! Awww...sigh! And also that picture with the two chairs on the deck looking out on that water. Bliss. Pure bliss! :)

  2. I hope you have a safe trip and are back home safe and sound in your waterman's arms soon! I see from your sidebar that you like to visit Dooce too! I love her stuff. I think she's one very talented lady, but then again, so are you!