Sunday, May 6, 2007

So here is the deal..

Yes I have been a bad blogger lately. It isn't my fault really.. really it isn't. It is my tooth's fault. It hurts. It has hurt most of the weekend. Not a horrible rip the side off my face hurt but a take a hammer and screw driver and pry it out on my own kind of annoyance. Know what I mean?
I have also been working on my Cozy.. it is turning out quite nicely, not enough for a picture yet but getting there. Maybe by tomorrow.

We had really bad wind here today.. blow your truck half way across the road kind of wind. There has been no damage but it is one of those bone chilling winds.

Oh.. we found the litter of kittens today. We had THOUGHT they were under the house. Apparently Momma Kitty Puss was NOT happy about where they were residing and decided it was time to move up in the world. Que the Jefferson's Music. The new family has moved into one of the boats. Now that we have found them I am sure they will be moved rather quickly again. Kitty Puss is not a very social kind of cat. The most we get out of her most days.. is HISS!! Which I have translated to mean. GIVE ME MY DAMN FOOD AND MOVE ALONG NOTHING TO SEE HERE!! Seriously as soon as one of us walks out the door all we hear is HISS!!! You would think that considering we are FEEDING HER she would be a slight bit nicer, but not Kitty Puss. We are even feeding her EXPENSIVE cat food. One would think she would at least hiss a thanks every now and then. The only thing I can say is that she is a good Momma. She hides her babies well!

I made the shiskabobs long before I asked everyone what to do but I promise I will blanch (that is yet another word that I do not like) the veggies first. My poor meat was like shoe leather.. but it didn't stop anyone from eating it!! They were devoured!

I made meat loaf today.. one of my guys favorites.. we had mashed potatos and asparagus with it. Does anyone notice the pattern with the aspragus lately? We all LOVE it and since the season is so short we eat it all we can. I don't think aspragus is one of those things you can freeze. Unless someone knows something I don't.

I leave you today with a sweet little picture of the Binky Boo.


  1. Love Binky Bo and the PINK ball! How cute! I love Asparagus! Have you ever roasted it? It tastes sooo good roasted! Just toss it in some olive oil along with sea salt and cracked black pepper and then roast it in a hot oven for about 10 to 12 minutes. Sprinkle some Parmesan cheese on top after you take it out of the oven and give it a little spritz of white balsamic. DEEEEE Licious!

    Hope you get that tooth sorted soon! Nothing worse than a toothache! Ouchies!

  2. Oh, roasted asparagus is the best! I am also a huge aspargus-lover. I am also a huge meatloaf lover and, unfortunately, I have never been successful at making it. Do you believe it? WHO can't make decent meatloaf...ME, that's who! It just has no flavor, despite all the various and sundry flavor-enhancers I add! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. cute is Binky Boo. And bless you for feeding Kitty Puss the good food; my two cats, Frank and Nancy, thank you for that! After all, she MUST be hormonal, right? HAHA! Gosh, I love animals--even the anti-social, hormonal ones...

    You do realize you need to get to the dentist, right? Sooner rather than later, or eventually you'll want to cut our whole HEAD off! Been there, done that--and you have my sympathy. NOT FUN!

  3. Why can't asparagus be frozen? Is there a rule about that? I thought if you blanched it first, you could freeze it.

    I grill asparagus after marinating it in balsamic, evoo, salt, garlic, pepper and soy sauce. It's an old WW recipe.

    I think you need to call a real dentist. Not the countrified version you called yesterday. Or come up here. My dentist makes emergency appointments a priority.