Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Update: What the Sam Hill is that??!!??

As promised here is a Saturday update of what the new toy can do..
Anyone have any guesses as to what exactly these are?

OH before we start can I just say I LOVE this thing.
How did THAT get in here???

They were trying to figure out What the Sam Hill I was.. then they figured it out.. possible lunch.


  1. 1. Bark peeling back off a stick.
    2. Moss
    3. Lichens
    4. Where did lichens come from?
    5. Perhaps Mr. Renner did a better job than I thought.
    6. What's the next to the last one? Don't tell me it's your fingernail. It looks more like a tin roof with the paint coming off.
    7. Thanks for the present today.

  2. WOW! i don't know what any of that is but I can't wait for you to get down here and use that lense!

  3. I see you and the lens are going to have a wonderful relationship.

  4. Fun .. close is fun .. macro rocks, enjoy it

  5. I happened on to your blog from a link on Tombstone Chronicler. I just love what I have seen and read here. Have a Great Week.