Friday, July 9, 2010

Ellen Marie

Let's go back 85 years ago.. oh what the hey it could be fun.. just roll with me here k?

That would be 1925 for all of you who aren't so great with math.

This man below had a daughter who was 8 years old at the time. She happened to be my grandmother.

My great grandfather had his newest boat built by Lennie and Alton Smith for use while pound net fishing. This wasn't the only boat that had been created by Lennie and Alton that my great grandfather owned and worked but this is the only one of conversation today.

The Ellen Marie. My grandfather had his latest boat named for his only daughter.

Fast forward 84 years... That would be 2009 again for you non math wizards..

The man below had a daughter who was 38 years old at the time. She happened to be me.

My daddy had his own boat built as a to scale model of the boat above. While Lennie and Alton didn't have any hand in the one below I am sure they can be proud of the work and love that was put into the replica.

Hey he was only 30 years late.. My Ellen Marie does not live with me yet but one day she will sit proudly in my living room where I can gaze upon her and remember the days gone by out on the Chesapeake.

I wish I could sit down with my great granddaddy and hear the stories of his time on the water and speak with my grandmother about important matters of the heart but alas they have both been gone for many many years now. I hope they know that their memories live on with each of us who had the pleasure to share a part of their lives.


PS. i do these post every so often so CBW can get her Ellen fix.


  1. she's beautiful ... they are both beauties ... cantwaittoseeyou!

  2. Oh yes, the Ellen Marie fix and the AM's Daddy fix! He will be coming to BLog Fest, right?

    I love, love, love the Ellen Marie and last saw her at the Oyster Festival where I took photos of her without knowing her connection to you.

    GORGEOUS boat that I have some strange pull towards. She calls out to me every so often.

    Right now the coffee pot is calling out to me...

  3. I love this. And I know someone who digitally repairs old photos for a living (no magic, just PhotoShop) if you are interested.

  4. It's SO important to keep a family history going...too often, these wonderful stories die out. Thanks for sharing this, Re!

  5. We are blessed to have such memories of listening to our grandfathers talk about their work on the water!

    I have pictures of a couple of my Granddaddy's boats and and have them hanging in my kitchen. I also have his huge wooden mallet/hammer thing he used driving pound poles when he pound fished.

  6. I used to keep my Choey Lee Offshore '27 next to her in Bavon before restoration and hoped she (the Ellen Marie) would survive.'So glad to see her clean proud and beautiful.
    USCG Master Captain Mike Patterson

  7. my dad owns this boat now! he is in the process of fixing her up now! caught a 38 inch rockfish off the ellen marie this year