Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Point Comfort Light a different view...

The shots I didn't show you yesterday.. Just some random things I took shots of that I liked...

The abandoned baby... I think he just didn't make it. It made me rather sad. The nest was built right on the little dock.

It is really just a window frame but I adored it..

Hmmmm this looks a bit lived in... like it is someones current home... nah...
Stand stones and a peek of a window (I hid the dead bird that was hung up in it)

Am I in a dungeon???

What apparently happens to paint in salt air..

Sand Stone steps.

Underneath the steps...
Ladder to the top.. umm yea I used the thing...

See... I used it.. by the way that is a LONG way down.
Loose brick..

ACK!!!! We ended up NOT ALONE.. I knew that little home looked lived in!!!!

This little guy was MUCH more calm than the other dude...

Even when he doesn't look like such a little guy!!!!!



  1. Beautiful. Even the abandoned little one....

  2. Gorgeous pics, Re. I love that lighthouse though I've only viewed it from the Observation Deck

  3. How cool you got to take those pix and the dragonfly .. superb!

  4. Fantastic. You have a great eye, and a great lens.