Tuesday, July 20, 2010

She really is not hallucinating... or dilusional

Ok Ok she very well may say she is both of those things but NOT with the canoe.

I actually thought I was hallucinating a few months back when I was driving down the road and saw this so I quickly grabbed my phone and snapped a pic (which reminds me I want a baby camera to keep in my car cause the phone just isn't cutting it) and quickly texted it to a friend and said "WHAT do you see in this picture?"

He replied with "An idiot?"

I thought maybe I had sent one of me by accident so I resent and said "Please be more specific."

Seconds later I receive a text that says "An idiot with a motor on a canoe?"

DING DING DING he wins the prize for making me feel like I was not completely insane for a moment or two for answering correctly. Now I am hoping to alleviate any thoughts of the beautiful CBW hallucinating or being delusional because I mean really, WHO puts a motor on a canoe.


Even my little bear Phoebe fell over from shear surprise!


  1. It is amusing to see what some people do with boats/canoes/watercraft. For some reason, this reminds me of former neighbors in Deltaville who purchased a jon boat with motor and had no clue how to work it. Imagine their embarassment when 2 10 year olds (my self and my cousin) had to step forward and educate them on the choke. Idiots...

  2. Standing or sitting in a garage don't make you a car...being in a boat on the water don't make you a waterman...just saying...

  3. ...and now I know the rest of the story.
    (Single Male Blog Stalker)

  4. I so would put a motor on a canoe. That is how lazy I am! ;0)

  5. I'd prefer to have an oarsman ... one as adorable as Big Hair's nephew ...

  6. Who does this? Lazy, stupid people. That's who.

  7. I see a life as a man servant in my nephew's future!!! He would SO row the ladies around in a canoe;)

  8. I'm thinking Lewis and Clark probably wished they had one of these.

    I knew I wasn't crazy. Correction: I knew I saw a canoe with an outboard. The crazy still stands.

  9. Okay. They so need to be invited next year.

  10. I hate to admit this, but living on a lake like we do, we have some of those same idiots up here in upstate NY. One of them is currently tied up to the dock next to ours and it's even named..."Sass"

    You have no idea how hard it is for me to NOT go outside tonight, if it's still there and paint, "Dumb" right next to "Sass" and right over the first "s" of "Sass."

  11. Gotta be Click and Clack. I think they'd put a motor on a canoe. They'd probably put a motor on a toilet if they could figure out how to plumb it.