Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's July....

really.. no shit. JULY.

This month is full of things that I just can't seem to wait for and things that I would just as soon not face.. you know like the house payment! So today for the fun of it I am going to make a pro and cons list.

4th of July
My birthday
Trip to see sister person
Yorktown boat races
Missoula Theater Play

I will be a number divisible by 3 and that freaks me out

So as you can see if I can make it through Saturday I will likely be ok and I have got and the rest of the year to worry about being divisible by 3... (yes it really does freak me out.. the number not the age, the age I could give a rats ass about.. but the number.. yikes)

The point of all of this is... if you don't hear from me until early next week don't worry I am just out hanging with Gustav's distant relative who isn't really even his cousin trying to get by with a little help from my friends.

Peace Out Ya'll

(fyi I did post yesterday but my updater wasn't working right so if you didn't read about my bathroom antics take a moment or two and enjoy.)


  1. That Gustav is entirely out of control with what he's putting on Facebook. He's gonna tell me that a goose is kissing cousin go a hummingbird! As if!

    Looking forward to seeing you in the near future. If you want, we can go next door and torture Gustav and take some photos. That's always entertaining.

  2. to a hummingbird. not go a hummingbird.

  3. Divisible by 3... 15 isnt so bad ...

  4. Divisible by 3....I was thinking 21 is the legal drinking age! Happy Birthday RE!

  5. You're gonna be 90? No? Well, if not, lighten up, Francis! You look fantastic for 90. ha ha ha ha -- and I can say that because 1) I am older than you and 2) I will be divisible by three about a week before you will be and 3) I have no idea why this bothers you. BUT we can toast to our mutual divisibility at BlogFest.

    I wonder if we can get permanent Federal Divisibility checks . . .