Friday, July 23, 2010

Post Blogfest Funkiness

I have determined that "Funkiness" is a word and a proper noun it seems by the capitalization I gave it for some reason. This is not the same kind of funky that refers to the stink of someone who has been outside in 103 degree heat such as we will be having today. This is not the same kind of funky that refers to the green cloud that is lingering behind someone's neither regions after SHE asked if someone needed to Poot. This funkiness is the kind that will send a grown woman into a Hissy Fit for no other reason that she just doesn't feel the same as she did last week at this exact moment, surrounded by more friends that you could shake a stick at!!!

It is the same feeling that I remember at the end of 4H camp in the summers of very very long ago. That feeling of my friends are leaving me.. when will I see them again? Why can't they be my neighbors and not that pesky funky boy? Why do they have to live soooooo far away? Back then so far away was the next COUNTY over.. now it in some cases it is the next STATE OR TWO OVER or COUNTRY even.

We are a scattered bunch of ladies and some of us, like me, are even scatter brained and didn't take many photos of the weekend to share other than a sun rise I got because of a certain Goose who kept going WANNNNKKKKKK in my ear before 6 am. So to those of you I see next time.. PLEASE loop my camera around my neck tightly if you must and tell me just to take continuous pictures of EVERYTHING. Because right now as I sit here missing each of you I wish I had the photos hanging in a frame above me instead of just precious memories in my other wise alcohol riddled brain.

To shake this Funkiness I am going to spend a considerable amount of time with my Sister Person and drink an OBNOXIOUS amount of wine and make killer Cheese Plates and take her presents and make her Perfect Bacon and make her Bloody Mary's, as many as she wants, and Margarita's and maybe even do some Kararoke in which someone may say MOOOOOOOOOOOOO simply because MOOOOOOOOOOOOO really belongs there and take Corn Hole boards even if we just look at them and don't play them, and beads to make her Pretee Lovilies and take my camera and take the amount of pictures I should have taken this past weekend... in other words I am going to be so busy that Funkiness will have no room to get me down.. (Get on up♫♪♫♪.. Get on up♫♪♫♪.. Get on up♫♪♫♪.. Get on up♫♪♫♪.. where did THAT come from???)

I was asked more than once this weekend what it was that we all shared in common other than our blogs, was it the topics, was it something else? At the time all I could come up with was that the only commonality in us was the fact we all blogged and had a desire to cook dislike for a certain Goose. I will have to admit that I was so incredibly wrong because the truthful answer should have been ... The common trait in all of us is "We are Friends".


  1. SHAKE YOUR MONEYMAKER! Great post Re, brought a tear to my eye (seriously). I'm glad to have met all of you, and look forward to meeting up when I can make it south

  2. Oh Re! We are Blister Friends forever! And "We Are Family"! Have a great time in OBX and drink a Bloody Mary for me! I'll be in Mathews August 1st. Hope to see you.

  3. My answer to that same question is that ultimately it boils down to a sense of humor. Think about it. When all is said and done, despite all of our differences, there isn't a single one in the bunch without an incredible sense of humor. It's all about the laughter - at least at the most basic, microscopic level.

    And guess what? Last year I think I took two pictures, and this year not that many more. If not for the fortuitous cornfield pitstop (thank you Miss Kate), I wouldn't have taken many at all. It's hard to take photos when you're laughing and it's even harder when you're donning a crab hat.

    But thankfully everyone else took fantastic photos.

    Is it really going to be 103 today? Guess this isn't the best day to head to Virginia Beach, which is what me and the CB Children are doing. Can't wait to haul all the crap out there in the blazing, sizzling heat.

  4. I miss you too ... and I did take copious amounts of pix ... sigh ... I am emailing you the shot we Sea Shanty Six took the last morning ... we are laughing because as the shutter snapped I shouted CORNFIELD!!!!!

    Its only .. only going to be in the 90s today but tomorrow its supposed to be 105 ... GAH

  5. Awww, Re :) Great post! Have fun with Sister person! Looking forward to seeing you SOON!!

  6. This was SPOT. ON. I took photos, but I realize that most of them were of my children, or of a tree or something. It's the candid shots I love and that I have the least amount of ability to take. But as soon as I get them all processed I will put the best ones up for any and all to enjoy and steal.

    And don't think for a moment that we aren't really, really lucky. Not all "pen pals" who meet click the way we do. I thought last year might have been a huge fluke and that we would be less close this year, but it was exactly the opposite. Miss you, Miss Re! Come visit me in Fooleryland (a.k.a. The Armpit of California).

  7. So accurate, Re. The heart of the matter, for sure. I took 600 pictures and it wasn't nearly enough. Of course most of them were of Noe Noe's butt, but still. 600 pictures and I couldn't capture the sheer delight. And some of you, like CBW, and you, and Angie I just didn't see enough of to get more shots. I should have had the camera stapled to my hand.
    Like Laurie, I thought last year might have been a fluke. But I miss y'all even more this year because I know I could walk in the door, and it would pick up as it left off.
    And yeah, I'm all the way across the country, stewing in 58 degree weather.
    Can I come back?

  8. You nailed it, girl - it is just like that feeling after a week of sleepaway camp has ended! Except back then, you hoped you'd get a letter in the mail - at least now we have our blogs and Facebook to stay connected. And stay connected we will!

    What I'd give right now for one of your killer cheese plates and a few bottles of vino and a bloody mary... and you.

  9. I've been feeling the same way, Re:/ Thanks for putting it into words:)

  10. The let-down is tough. But there are always plans to make foe next time;) Have a Bloody for me...sigh