Thursday, July 29, 2010

Not my legacy...

This is not MY family's legacy but I am sure it is someone's families.. but I enjoyed visiting just the same.

Yesterday after work Drake and I took out on a little adventure you know one of those adventures I could take weekly if I say LIVED HERE!!! we drove a little bit farther north than where we are staying and saw four people from Mathews no KIDDING... and they were NOT in the same group.. three different groups, four different people I thought I had returned to hell taken a wrong turn and ended up back in Mathews. Alas, we had not and we kept on our merry way and did not even wave at the people we saw, hey it is my vacation I will not wave if I want to!

After parking our car we hopped out and looked at the very tall looming building above us at which time Drake said there is no way in hell I am going to climb to the top of that thing so you can take a few lousy pictures.. not happening woman! "We are going to climb THAT???" It was at that moment I realized that the sound in his voice was not exactly excited but one tinted with a bit of fear. I told him we would be fine and off I flew to throw $20 bucks at a man older than Methuselah and he made me sign a form saying if I dropped to my death that he was leaving me there for the Osprey's to eat .... well to be honest I don't really know what it said I just signed it.

Off we went.. up up up up up... up up up up up... up up up up... SCREECHING HALT just one platform from the top. I look back and Drake is plastered to the side of the wall shaking his head and mumbling this bitch is crazy.. this bitch is crazy.. this bitch is crazy I can't do this! I can't do this! I can't do this! So I make my way back down 20 steps that I had just lumbered my way up and explained to him that there was only one more tiny flight and that he could make it and that there was a platform there he could stand on while I went out and took the photos, I explained I would be really fast and we could head back down. He mumbled something under his breath then I didn't quite catch but there were some not so nice words I can promise you and in a broken little voice he said... "o-o-o-ok"

Back up those 20 steps I climbed and then up 20 mor.... oh shit... this is not happening... where is the platform??? Why is there a door that wind is howling in?? WHERE IS THE FREAKING PLATFORM? I glance back and Drake is right behind me with the look of complete fear and wild look that I know says "I can overcome this fear thing just to throw you off for lying to me!!!!" I had just trudged up more than 200 steps I would be damned if I was going back without one single picture, so I again said "Drake there is nothing to worry about honey I promise! Just stand here REALLY close to the side of the building and hold on to this handle I will run around and take the photos and we will RUSH back down!!" He replied with an evil look that would have curled your toes.

But without further ado.. here are the shots from Not My Legacy, The Currituck Lighthouse...

The Keeper's Home
Views as we ascended.
From the bottom looking up....

From the top looking down...

Views from the Platform outside..
Photos from my weird ass view...

I am sorry but I do believe that there photos I got were worth my painfully cramped curled toes that resulted from the evilness in my son's stare!!!


  1. Great shots, I love lighthouses! And hats off to Drake for pushing through his fear, even if he gave you toe curling stares :)

  2. Fabulous ... and a cardiac workout! Love the 'Hitchcock' Vertigo shot looking down that spiral .. that's a framer for sure

  3. I think your shots are great! Good for Drake!! My kids probably would have sat down at the bottom and told me to wave to them when I got to the top :)

  4. Totally worth it! Gorgeous. And now? I have a wicked case of vertigo....

  5. They are definitely great shots and well worth the climb. I've been up that one, and I tend to side with Drake. About half-way up my legs start to quake.

    Please tell me That Other Lighthouse we plan to ascend is not as tall as this one...and that there are very sturdy railings.

    Hope you're enjoying the vacay. You're not missing a single thing here.

  6. Beautiful pics. I almost thought you were travelling with Noah...but the racket from the latest obsession reminded me that he is still here. I discovered today that the phrase "We are not going to get struck by lightning" needs to be communicated with more conviction than I apparently mustered as we dashed to my car when setting up the Gloucester County Fair came to a grinding halt midst lightning, thunder and torrential rain.

  7. We went up inside that lighthouse a few years ago. My husband, who hates heights, was a very good sport. He even peeked out the opservation deck before beating a hasty retreat back down the spiral staircase.

  8. I'm afraid of heights but I would have gone up, too. High fives to Drake for gritting his teeth and getting through it. There's always something worth taking away from such an adventure. Thanks for the beautiful photos!