Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Recipe 4th of July weekend...

While this post is a bit late considering the 4th is past, it would be my wish for you to learn a lesson and put this in the thinking bank for next year.

Add ONE HUGE heaping scoop of Sunshine!
Mix with wavy water... not the sprinkling kind.. must be the heavy kind that stays down.
Toss in two boats and handful of fireworks.

A cooler of Smirinoff and sand on the feetsies!
A surprise visit from a lil ho... love her.
One Captain that did as he was told.. :)

Stir all of this together and serve with 23564 other boats and countless good friends and you CAN NOT go wrong.

Beach Buddy Babes...


Some of the crew...

A boat ride with good friends to the fireworks in Yorktown...

This recipe will leave you longing for more every time and quite honestly a basketful of great memories.

Now if we just get people to pick this crap up when they leave... and...

These to be finished.... that will make for....


Come back 4th of July... come back.. I miss you terribly!


  1. You look great .. and the fun everyone had is apparent .. cannot wait to see you in person!!!

  2. Looks like funnnn!! And I so want your cornhole set!! Where did you get that!?!

  3. You left out one ingredient....that BEAUTIFUL blue sky!! What a wonderful day you had:)

  4. Now that looks like a great Fourth if I ever saw one! :-)

  5. Looks like the best 4th ever!! Is that that place you told me about that you go every week end? And you do look great!

  6. Heavenly!

    And how about those cornhole thingies? Folks, she hand-drew those and painted them herself. Amazing.

  7. Jeebus, you're artistic. And what a fun weekend.