Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Somehow I am in shock...

that the time is upon us for THIS!!!!!!

It is hard to believe that this year has gone by already and that it is time for our quiet little down to be visited by lovely women from all over. (see side bar for full list of blisters)

In the last year I have done ABSOLUTELY nothing to get ready for this either.. (go me) and unfortunately as far as I have gotten in the last week to get ready is to buy an obnoxious amount of CHEESE and wine and Smirnoff. Which means that I have absolutely no plan for my children who will be in attendance with me.. Will they hang out while we tour? Will they ride around and take up two more seats while complaining the whole way? Will they come here and hang out and play games during the days of boring adult stuff? Yea maybe I better concentrate on that for a bit.

I have not purchased a new memory card.
I have not purchased the beads I had every intention of purchasing so the ladies could get a PReTee Lovilie if they liked.
I have not purchased food for my children to eat (they can eat cheese crumbs right)
I have not lost the 80 lbs that I needed to lose before this event and there are 25 camera flying around that I won't be able to duck all at once.
I have not figured out where CBW would like for me to park my camper in her yard but waking up to a water view would be amazing .. hint.
I have not figured out if my camper will have electricity for a fan.
I have not packed.. do I need to pack.. will I just come back here and shower and what not?
I have not gotten up to see what that loud crash the cat just made was because surely it will add to the list of things that I need to purchase.
I have not logistically figured out how I can be at CBWs house Sunday morning yet have my rear end on the beach by 9 am with a Smirnoff in my hand. This one is an important one.

In other words like I said I have done nothing but buy cheese.

Excuse me while I have a panic attack.
Much love, see ya soon, if I am not there have CBW give you a quick tour of Williamsburg.. specifically Eastern State.



  1. I. Can. Not. Wait! And I am so bringing my camera ;0) xoxo

  2. i think my invite got lost in the mail.

  3. I am just so excited. See you in two more sleeps!

  4. I am so excited ..

    What the heck are/is PReTee Lovilie? Should I be really sad you didnt get beads?

  5. Plenty of pictures please. Every moment captured-I'm not adding to your stress. I want to come. Just didn't work out, as usual. Darn it. Have fun!!!

  6. I will be there. I promise to take only flattering pictures if you put in a good for me with Binks.

    See you the day after tomorrow!

  7. I haven't even read all this yet, but I want to respond to two important issues before I forget:

    1. BRING THE CHILDREN!! That is not even a question. Everyone is welcome, and we'd love to have them.

    2. Your camper needs to be here. Which reminds me, i need to put mine up. Anywhere you want is fine. Anywhere.

    Now, back to reading the rest of the post.

  8. 3. Electricity - If you ahve an extension cord, there are a few outside outlets that may or may not work, depending on the alignment of the planets and the whims of the goblins that live inside my house.

    4. I know eastern state like the back of my hand. My grandmother used to work there. True story. It's been bulldozed now, I do believe.

    5. Everything else - don't worry. It will be fine. All will work out. SErenity now. Deep breath. (Can you tell I say these words on an hourly basis?)

    CANNOT WAIT! And thank you for everything. Bring anybody you want. Don't even hesitate for a minute.