Monday, July 12, 2010

The Pet

The Pet

Renee Callis

Have you seen her
She is the best one yet
Used her for years
Fishing my net

There never was a fisherman
That she met
That did not mind her
Getting them wet

She would get out there and back
Didn’t worry or fret
Used her for
Many a pound net to set

When it came to fishing
She was a true vet
Her beautiful lines
Her greatest asset

Even though I don’t use her now
I never will forget
Early morning sunrise
Out in my boat Pet

Many Many thanks to my friend Renee for sharing her poem with me. Love her to pieces.

I love you Pop.. For Always.


  1. That's a nice poem! It's a shame when boats aren't kept up, but it's obvious that The Pet certainly was a good one while she lasted! :-)

  2. What a great poem I am always envious of people who can write/rhyme .. love the old photos

  3. Renee' did a great job with the poem. She is so talented!

    Loved the pictures with the pound nets and culling the fish...Can almost smell the wonderful aroma!!!