Friday, February 12, 2010

The week of Letters...

This week has taken a turn that wasn't expected. It has been the week of letters on my blog. I have felt the need to vent my frustrations and let it be known exactly how I have felt in forms of letters directed to exactly where my frustrations and feelings lie. Today will be no different from that other than the fact I can't address the letter correctly because someone felt compelled enough to leave me a message on my blog but didn't have the balls to leave their name so I could let them know exactly what I thought of their little statement.

So I am doing a public reply to you and giving you the name I think you deserve in response to your anonymous post as quoted below.

"why are you calling your kid's the water kid's what because they know what water is? they never have worked on the water a day in there have to earn the rep not just take it."

Dearest Clueless,

While I do believe you and I would agree on the fact that the "Water" title needs to be earned as in a Waterman or Waterwoman (and yes I do know a fe. Shout out to Cheryl, Amanda, and Karen you ladies are amazing) the title of Waterkid is bestowed on you directly from your parents status, very similar to an Army Brat. It is a title that the children earn their own ways much like the title of Watermans Wife. While we are not out on the boat every morning battling the weather and tides and facing the fact that what they are is a dying breed. We are the ones that are there at the end of the day, we are the ones facing the end of a era with them, we are the ones that know all to well how little there is out to catch out there.

My children get up and go to school every day and walk through school with the surname of a Water family, no one can strip them of that. When they go places they are referred to most of the time by their last name... hey look there is that _______ kid. Not only are my kids the children of a waterman, they are also greatgrandchildren, greatgreatgrandchildren, nieces and nephews, cousins and brother and sisters of watermen, so if that doesn't give the right to be called waterkids I don't know what else does.

Now that I have gotten that off my chest, I will also let you know that in a way I do agree with you and if you had been smart enough to read all of my posts prior to posting you would have seen that on the Oldest Waterboys 18th birthday I bestowed him with a new blog name as he was no longer a Waterkid and it was time for him to make his own way in the world, the plan is to do the same with the younger two... in the mean time they will be The Waterkids the title they EARNED.

The Watermans Wife.


  1. I am pretty sure they have earn the name And I know you have. MM

  2. Waterwomen - you should do a post on the them. I had no idea there were any females working on the water- fascinating.

  3. Sorry for that negative comment. And I'd love to hear about the WaterWomen as well.

    Brandi is my wv. I'd like on. This evening in front of the fire.

  4. I see no problem with calling your kids the Water Kids. Why would anyone choose that to take issue with? Most of us bloggers don't put our minor children's real names out there on the Big Bad Internet and instead use pseudonyms. Even if yours were only that and nothing more (even though, of course, yours ARE more), it's your blog, your kids, and your choice.

  5. Obviously the person who left you that comment was making some pretty broad assumptions and doesn't know you...which is sad. Because you're pretty awesome!

    Still though, to the person who said that - way to show your ignorance!

  6. tell them Meg I got your back!!!!!MM

  7. Obviously, there are people out there with WAY too much time on their hands!!

  8. I hate stupid, mean people. I miss you all!

  9. Damn right, Re! Anyone who thinks families of Watermen don't see and live the struggles these people go through to make (and keep) that living that they love.... you're right, they ARE clueless! Plus, Meg is right; keep those kids safe, since, as Clueless showed us, there are people out there whose intentions are less than noble.