Tuesday, February 23, 2010

B and E

Ok I will admit it I do my fair share of "trespassing" which is fairly evident from the photos I take. I would like to bring to the table a few rules I have for myself and I so wish others would follow (and by others I mean the fire strating, paint ball playing, beer and booze drinking idiots who were there before me)

1. I never do the Break part from Breaking and Entering. EVER. If it is not enterable or broke already I certainly will not do it. Even when the temptation is HUGE I don't do it. WILL NOT DO IT.
And if you think the temptation was not HIGH at this old place so you are soooo wrong. So strong in fact I am going back to see if I can figure out who the owners are.

2. Leave it as you found it. That would be my second rule. If there is a bucket that is turned over on the kitchen floor and your OCD level wants you to turn it upright. I am telling you.. DON'T. you probably don't wanna know why the bucket is upside down in the middle of the floor.
You may close and secure a door that is left open, but if the door was shut when you got there make sure you shut it when you leave. You weren't raised in a barn were you.

3. Do as you will but harm none.

Cute door right? I loved it, and the OCD in me wanted to shut it, but well.. it was buried in about 4 inches of dirt at the bottom, there was no shutting without breaking, I did no harm and left it right where it was.

My point is yes I am a bit bold when it comes to getting a shot (the phrase brass ovaries comes to mind at times) but I will never ever vandal, destroy, or harm anyone or anything in the process. These properties that I take photos of unfortunately will not be around much longer due to nature and the idiots I mentioned above, so while they are Razzi and I will be out rambling around in the woods looking for a bit of the past to hold on to for our future.

So I beg of you property owners, if you see a large pink elaphant in a pink hat with what looks to be a large camera trapsing across your yard. Please... don't shoot.

Happy Tuesday


  1. Thanks for leaving all of the fun stuff for people like Me, you know B&E moving buckets with snakes under them fun stuff! LOL MM

  2. I am with you .. I believe that as long as you do no harm and break no locks you are trespassing but I believe its trespassing with an excuse...and the excuse is the place needed chronicling. Yeah. That's it. It needed to be preserved for eternity in pixels. I am riding with you at BlogFest ... we can do some trespassing with an excuse...

  3. I prefer to think of it as simply visiting and paying respects. Trespassing is so harsh a word....

  4. AM-If that first house is the one I'm thinking of, I've taken a gazillion shots of it, but only from the dirt/gravel lane which it sits back from. Love that house. When I first started posting the old houses, somebody from Gloucester said they knew something about it, but I can't remember what or who it was. Again if it's the same place I'm thinking, there is another badly damaged house in a field that's been clear-cut down from this one (and another on in teh opposite direction that's as cute as a bug's ear), but I got it before the roof caved in. From the ditch, because I'm not as brave as you are, even though we are not there to harm, we are there to preserve.

    WE should go to the sheriff and ask for some special license to let us do that.

    These places are monuments to the past, living museums, and the teenagers who damage them are stupider than stupid. We just want to preserve their memories before they're gone.

    Beautiful pictures.