Monday, February 8, 2010

The ramble, the contest, and the angel.

I sit here and look at this blank screen and have all these words swirling around my head but there isn't twenty words that belong on the same page. This is where I find such trouble with the daily posting thing.. I can't just grab a thought and run with it.. it swirls and swirls and goes round and round and turns into a jumbled mess of incoherence. Much like the paragraph you just read.

So you wanna know why I am here.. cause someone asked that I try. So I am trying. You are welcome person who asked me to try.

Speaking of trying. If you are here and haven't been to Life in Mathews today hop on over and give Nemenim's ghost a name. I stand firm that it is a lady ghost... but the request has been made that male and female names be submitted.

Now that we are on the topic of ghosts, have you ever seen one? Felt one? Just knew you were in the presence of something that was different than you? I have. Wouldn't mind being in that situation again, I was neither afraid or excited it just was calming and like looking at things underwater. Do you remember the show Touched by an Angel? I can honestly say that I was. That my angel came back just to make sure I was ok and that will be a moment in time that I will treasure for the rest of my life. That someone thought enough to come back from the other side just to make sure I was ok with the tragedy that had occurred.

I wonder how many of you are now thinking of sending the men in little white coats for me. Don't bother... I already know I am insane. Happy Monday All!

Oh just a little side note: In case you are wondering what the picture above has to do with contests, or brain ramblings, or semi ghost stories.... THOSE ARE GHOST POTS!
I kid you not.



  1. Ghost pots Thats great keep up the good work and just write about what ever comes in your head. We love it! I also have a calming feeling when something is going on in this house. What I have seen of it (not much) it looks like it is wearing a dress. It seems to want to take care of me. If it is a guy it is wearing a dress and must have been a butler. keep writing MM

  2. 3 Days How come this redneck was not invited Oh I know not enough bail money!! Me in the big city. HA HA HO HO I would last about two hours.

  3. The men in the little white coats told me to let you know that they are coming to get you, just as soon as they finish putting me in the straight jacket;)

  4. That's gonna be one loaded down paddywagon.

    Yes, I've seen a ghost, and my Middle Sister saw it with me. Neither one of us were scared, we were eerily calm.

    Keep forgetting to call Mark Nemenim.

    Regarding the writing. Just write. Let the stuff come forth. You have a cork in that swirling bottle and the cork needs to come off. Don't worry about what comes out, once there is a free flow, stuff sorts itself out.

    Ha! (says the person who can't shut the valve off)

    SEriously. Just let it go and let it flow. No worries. Now go.

  5. Just want to clarify that the paddywagon is going to be loaded down because I'M gonna be in there too!

  6. I have never seen a ghost, but the rumor was that this abandoned building near where I grew up was the place where ghosts could be heard and seen on Halloween, 'round about Midnight. We used to go, but none of us ever saw or heard one.

    But my mom? She's been on ghost tours of Gettysburg battlefield and has totally seen and sensed and felt and heard them. Freaky stuff over there.