Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dearest NYC,

My Dearest NYC,

I am so sorry I will not be gracing you with my presence this weekend. So incredibly sorry! Please forgive me... and blame Mother Nature... that evil bitch.

(insert picture here that blogger didn't allow this morning)

Your Friend,


The NYC trip was officially canceled last night when I hit the cancel button on my train ticket, I was the last one to cancel.. I was hoping for some sort of miracle and that all of a sudden they would introduce a new train that flew over the tracks with the trees down on them. (Come to think of it I think these are called planes but that isn't the point here.) I was looking for a miracle.

I needed this trip more than I could possibly even put to words, so you peopled will have to please forgive me for the ensuing funk that I am about to go in... The Dark and Twisties.... I will have the Dark and Twisties for awhile it seems (except for when I am Drunk and Toasted)

I will be doing something this weekend if it is nothing.

Now I need to go fix a Coffee Royal to make through the morning... Dark and Twisty... time to meet Drunk and Toasted!


  1. We are so, so sad up here! We will get it done soon!

  2. Yes, I'm calling this the No York City weekend. The cure is to get busy planning the next trip. We just need to pick a date and move forward so we have something--anything--to look forward to.

  3. Exactly .. CBW is right turn those blues into new plans and get happy looking forward to packing lighter weight clothes!!!!!

  4. Sorry AM. Not much else I can say. MM

  5. I couldn't even sleep last night. It's SO depressing to be here at work, when I should be hitting The Big Apple with my Blisters...:/

  6. heavy sigh! come do nothing with me!
    wait everyone come on over and we can pretend we are in new york. and plan the next trip!

  7. I'm so sad for all of you. I lift a hard cider in your general direction.

    Blister hugs!

  8. why are you calling your kid's the water kid's what because they know what water is? they never have worked on the water a day in there have to earn the rep not just take it.

  9. Awwwww I'm so sorry you weren't able to have the Big Apple Blister get together after all. I was sooo looking forward to being regaled with tales from your follies!

    However, I am sooooo looking forward to this summer! I can't wait to see ya'll again!