Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Morning Blah's

What is the point in having a day off to celebrate dead presidents and still having the alarm clock go off in your ear at 6 am. It makes you want to flip the damn think off with BOTH hands. Snow foiled things for me once again, kids have school today so someone had to get up and referee the morning activities.

I am a bit lost as to why my children at the age they are need HELP getting ready for school, when I was their age (yes this is going to be one of those let's look back in time days) I was already staying on my own a majority of the time, and by on my own I mean with the sister person who was the same age. We did not need anyone to say each and EVERY DAMN DAY to complete the following.

1. Take a shower .. why because you smell REALLY bad.
2. Brush your teeth.. why because there is green stuff growing on your teeth
3. Put on clean clothes.. no that is not clean you wore that yesterday and that shirt that you wore last week and shoved behind your bed and took out to wear today didn't get cleaned by magic fairies either.
4 Get up... (5 minutes later) GET UP.... (5 minutes later) GET THE %#$^$%^%#$# up (responded with YOU DON'T HAVE TO YELL)
5. Do your homework (no one told me this one.. but maybe they should have cause I never did it)

I just don't understand how two teenagers can be soooooo damn lazy they don't even care what they look like.
Happy F'ing Monday people.


  1. AM you left one out I DON'T FEEL GOOD!this one was pulled at least once a week at my house. But Hey you are not by your self every parent has so much fun in the morning. A many a morning I would hide just to see what they would do? But i am sure you know what happen, I would have to take them to school, LATE!! MM

  2. They just love that special time you have together...;)

  3. Speaking as someone who hasn't taken a shower in two days, I'll refrain from giving any advice.

    NO WORK today - it's a wonderful thing.

  4. Catching up and remembering being told several times every morning to GET UP .. gah ... so how come NOW I can get up on my own w/o anyone yelling or even an alarm clock? How come I cannot sleep past 7:30 a.m. even on a day when I do not have to go to work? HUH? Seriously.

  5. They're just making sure you're paying attention!!!! Enjoy the quiet house for the next few hours;)

  6. Seriously Sister Person? Have you lost all your marbles? Why is that saying used? Did either of us ever have marbles? I mean, I have the kind you put in the bottom of a vase. Sorry, back to my point. . . . Please see point #5 this was because magic fairies did your homework.

    Well I'm at it . . . #4, if you didn't get in the shower, I was going to and use up all the hot water. #3, she who showers first chose the best outfit unless she who showers second woke up enough to do this. Whoever picked first always had at least one backup option that became the others outfit for the day. #2, ewww who wants to kiss that? #1 see above.

  7. i can so feel your pain =) I was up early on my day off too.