Monday, February 22, 2010

"I would holler but the town ain't big enough... "

I spent most of my Sunday alone wandering the woods in parts unknown, except for a nice lunch date and a run in with a good friend at Chef Todd's, then another run in for an on the side of the road chit chat with an old family friend who I happen to adore. You know the saying they just don't make 'em like that anymore? He fits that bill, wonderful wonderful person. (I am such a kiss up).

During all that wandering alone I didn't do what I normally do, which completely and utterly shocked me when I got home. A typical wander alone with Razzi in hand means I come back with 70,982,340 pictures, today I came back with roughly 70. I am not sure what happened, all I can say is that I was lost in a space in time that just wasn't a place for Razzi.

I went to some lovely places and took some lovely shots that will mark a place that in a few years just will no long exist so all in all I call that a win.

While beside the road chit chatting with the wonderful friend he mentioned a few things to me, one was a story about Captain Mac and burying his vehicle on the beach during a hunt club party; (more on that later as Hounddog reported in later in the afternoon with more details of said beach party) another was regarding a house right down the road from him, I was not 100% sure I knew where he was speaking of so I listening intently to his directions and said I would go check it out. After making sure that he did not want me run over his mail box for him I took off in the correct direction and made a big circle right back to my friend and reported that I had spent most of the morning right where he sent me.

Here are some of the shots:

I loved the way the light came through the trees as I walked up to the house.

Even though the front of the house is now a funky shade of gray, it is my understanding that under the porch was once painted red, white and blue and another time each board was painted a different color.

All I kept hearing in my head as I looked at these door was my mother yelling at me when I was little. "Either in or OUT!"
I happen to adore door knobs. This is A door knob but not THE door knob for those of you in the "know"

As I mentioned before my friend and I discussed Cap'n Mac a bit, it was brought up because I had spent some of my time that morning visiting with Cap'n Mac at his house as well. He was a good old man, bit of a drinker, but was happy as a clam as long as the sun came up. What I am sad to report is that his house is in a terrible state of disrepair and there is talk of tearing it down. Unfortunately the temptation for young vandals is a bit much and most of the walls are filled with holes and the windows have been knocked out, and at some point in time the house was set on fire. Thankfully the fire department did manage to put it out as it was smoldering but they had to cut and chop out the entire floor from one room and some of the wall.

I might mention that I did hear tell of a few of the holes in the downstairs ceiling may have been made by Cap'n Mac himself, I am glad I wasn't upstairs when he decided to do that. Anyway on to what was reported by Hounddog, apparently some time ago at the end of hunting season the boys would get together and have a beach party down at Haven Beach, Cap'n Mac was in attendance and a few beers were shared by all, and by few I mean a few dozen dozen (yes I know I wrote that twice). Cap'n Mac was having such a good time that his line of the night was repeated numerous times "I would holler but the town ain't big enough!" The town might not have been big enough for him but he wasn't going to let the party end that night due to a minor issue of a camp fire flame that was dwindling. Being the hunters that they were (and boys) the amount of fire wood that would be required for a party of such magnitude was misjudged and Cap'n Mac just was not having the party end due to a thing as little as running low on wood. After a minute or two Cap'n Mac found someone with a truck (and by truck I mean someone who had a truck that didn't have a dog box in the back) to give him a ride back to his house up the road to "get more fire wood" and fire wood he did get. Cap'n Mac returned to the party with the front steps from his house and threw them right on the fire! I gotta say that is my kinda dude.

Here are a couple of shots of Cap'n Mac's home.
Some of you locals may remember that in the upstairs window of Cap'n Mac's there was a card board cut out of a monster from Where the Wild Things Are in his upstairs window. This was the monsters view for a very long time.

Charred edges of wall paper from the upstairs hall way... I have to wonder is that Wall Street Journal Wall Paper, Cause that would just be too cool.

This was where the hole had to be cut in the floor due to idiots who don't know the meaning of DO NO HARM! (side note.. if you look close you can see THE door knob for those who need to know)

I would like to end this by saying I am so grateful to have such wonderful people in my life to share such colorful tales of a time gone by with me, I am so happy that "I would holler but the town ain't big enough!"


  1. They can't burn the monster house down, they just can't. That's one of my favorite houses to photograph, and it's so easily accessible not that I'm saying I've been inside or anything.

    p.s. I didn't see the door knob but that's OK, I'll see it at some point.

  2. The pictures bring your story to life. It's fun seeing the faces of the people you write about through your minds eye. I can see them from the time in my younger days that I knew them. They might have changed locations, but they will never be forgotten. The "old heads", yep they sure knew how to live!

  3. I just love the people of mathews they have so many story's I think I will right a book. Let's see I need a publisher,a editor, a grammar teacher (may be two lol), and agent,and other agent to bail me out when someone tells me they do not like my book! a grammar teacher and editor (I no I said that all ready but I need back ups! Na don't think I will write a book !! MM

  4. The real doorknob would have been made of glass, right? Those real glass knobs are now rare as hen's teeth ... I wanna go see this during BlogFest .. will you and Razzi take me there Re?

  5. I have several glass doorknobs that I've collected over the years. Maybe some day I'll have them on my doors;) Is that an amber doorknob? I have one that was in the direct sun for so many years that it turned lavender....beautiful!!

  6. I love door knobs! did you get me one too?