Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Standing on a hill in my mountain of dreams

And what a growing mountain it is.. Between the dreams I have for my life and the dreams I have where my mother forces everyone in the family who rides roller coasters to shower after every ride my dreams are many and plentiful.

Something has shifted in my world where night dreams are concerned, it has been no time ago that the Waterman and I were having a conversation about the outrageous dreams he has nightly that include some bizarre behavior such as crab potting in the front yard and not being able to catch anything because the grass hadn't been cut (don't ask me I didn't dream it) or maybe the tornado that came by and picked up the house and kept spinning it around and around only to set it perfectly back on the foundation with nothing harmed (again I have no clue). Anyhoo the contents of his dreams were not the point, the point was he dreams multiple times... NIGHTLY.. me being the expert on dreams that I am told him that was not normally that people only dream once or twice a year (people being me but I didn't tell him that) The truth is for years.. well for as along as I can remember I would only remember one or two dreams a year and I convinced the Waterman that he was weird and that something didn't work right in his brain for him to remember his dreams so vividly nightly. Karma.. it is a bitch cause my little fib came back and bit me right in the ass.

Nightly ... multiple times NIGHTLY I have some sort of drama, comedy, lovaorra, myst-fi.. SOMETHING going on in my brain. It is like living in a weird twisted multi plex that shows the oddness that is what I like to call my brain. Unfortunately the showings at the multi plex are directly related to exactly how much sleep that I manage to get.. the more shows the less sleep, untimately the dreams they are so real they wake me up no matter how dark and twisty they are they appear very real, the goat that kept trying to tell me it was really Baby Waterboy.. REAL.. to real.. I could still smell billy goat when I woke up (this could be in direct relation to the topic of which I posted yesterday) but who knows.

I have been told I should write my dreams down in a little book when they happen because if you don't they slip away, and I have had a few where I woke up and thought.. WOW I got to tell so and so about that only to try to remember it later and can't. So I do get the concept of writing them down so as not to forget but the question is do I really want to remember some of these things? My would anyone want to remember having to hide in the closet for 3 hours from the Wolfman, or walking into a concert drunk and dressed for Motley Crue only to realize it was an Opera, those are 99% of the dreams I have, nothing worth remembering. Except then that 1% happens and someone stops in my dreams that I never want to let go I would stay there in dream world with them from now until the end of time, those have I chosen to write down, those I have dared to put into words the feelings that were felt and the physical element of feeling tears in my dreams, the heart wrenching sadness when I had to let go and say goodbye again, those words will be written, those words will be passed to my children one day when I am long gone.

You see... Dreams I have them.


  1. I've had some of those too. We should get a therapist.

  2. funny! i tend to dream more (or is it just that I remember more) when I sleep less or am overly tired.
    Last night I dreamed that I filled up the pool with water that turned people blue so I knew who was swimming in my pool.

  3. I dream a lot. I remember many of them. But some really linger well after the expiration date.

  4. You have to sleep to dream so that leave me out! I am told that most dream are fights between your sole and your day to day life. don't really no.Sounds good any way. MM

  5. Dreams are most of the time ridiculous, sometimes symbolic, and sometimes precious, esp. when they allow you to interact with people who are no longer here or in ways not typically possible in real life.

    The ones that hit you hard are the ones you need to write down and remember. They will have deeper meaning even if you can't see it right away.