Friday, February 19, 2010

Fun Facts Friday

One of the greatest waterman to ever grace the bay with his presence. Great Grandaddy Henry Owens
For the record the pictures on today's post have absolutely NOTHING to do with my post and everything to do with HERS. I do things like this cause I love her.

This is the way the bay used to look when you were going out in the morning, see all the boats? Sadly if you are out there today you are probably not going to see anyone until you come back to the dock.

Ok there is nothing really FUN about my Facts other than they are FACTS and it is FRIDAY so thereby making them FUN by association alone.

These are shots of the Ellen before she had the house built on her and yes those men have on suits and hats it is Christmas after all.

There are also rules to my FUN FACTS, who has fun fact rules you ask, the answer would be me. The rules are for each FUN FACT I will also ask a question and you are supposed to leave a comment and answer said question (I like comments... I don't care if you don't answer it truthfully just answer and let me know you are around... as an ex's voicemail once said "If you took the time to call take the time to leave a message"... he didn't like those hang ups on his answering machine it annoyed him ...guess what I did for 6 months after we split up.) Oh sorry the squirrel got me again now where was I? Oh yes.. facts.
The Ellen Marie all dolled up and at Owens and Sons dock Davis Creek, Bavon VA (did you think that is was just by chance I happen to live on Davis Creek in Bavon VA??)
1. I have a favorite song Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls it will remain my favorite song until the day I die there will be no other song that can take it's place. ever. I also can't listen to this song without crying or listening to it twice so that I smile the second time and that is always the way it works cry the first time smile the second. If it comes on the radio I have to change the station quickly because I know they aren't going to play it back to back and I will cry for hours.

What is your favorite song or what would you consider to be your "theme" song?
Great Uncles and Great Grandfather and Jelly on the Thomas E. Jelly had hands the size of dinner plates, no kidding.
2. 99% of the furnishings in my home are either A. Hand me Down B. Borrowed C. Heirlooms D. Just flat out stolen from the sister person. I like it this way, it means that just about everything in my home has meaning and a story and some kind of depth to it. These are the things that I like to have around me all the time it is kind of like having people around that don't talk back!

Look around you, is what you see new, was it always yours or once belong to your great great uncle, or is all sparkly new straight from Ikea?
You are probably thinking wait these are people not boats. Yes of course they are people but people who the boats were named after :)
The real Thomas E was my uncle Everette there on the left.
The real Ellen Marie was my grandmother in the white sitting beside Great Grandaddy Henry Owens.
On the right is Uncle Taylor oddly no boat had his name.

3. I live in Bavon, which is also known as the end of the friggin earth. I decided to live here for a reason, I liked it, I liked the quiet, that lasted all of 3 days. I miss the city, I miss having a mall on the way home from work, I miss having a Starbucks on every corner. I miss my state of the art gym with the indoor pool and the rock climbing wall, I even miss the traffic. I will probably end up back in the city some day, but for today it is beaches and quiet nights.

Where do you live and is it where you want to be forever?
Thats a lot of fish! Far right my grandfather Lemual "Snooks" Burroughs

4. Today is Friday and I am happy it is Friday for no other reason than it is Friday plain and simple. No big plans tonight just Friday. I do have some plans tomorrow Watergirl turns 16 on Monday and she requested Mexican dinner and a movie for her birthday plans so she and some of her friends will be going out to eat and a movie on Saturday on me. I didn't think that was bad for a 16th birthday much cheaper than those Sweet 16 shows she has been watching on MTV. Oh wait I forgot to mention the car she asked for. Yea that.. she is getting a car.. sigh. This leads to 2 questions.

What did you get or do for your 16th birthday?
Do you have any plans for the weekend?
One of my favorite pictures of all time. Pop doing what he did.
Thanks for playing along and again if you took the time read take the time to comment.. I like comments HAPPY FRIDAY!

Just another day on the bay.


  1. 1. Lady Atubllem " Love don't live here any more". 2. Every thing is old like Me! 3. Yes I love it. and what was #4 o yea 4. I got and ass whippin for stealing my Moms car! Happy 16th youngin MM

  2. 1. going to california with a aching in my heart ....led zepplin cause i did 2.hand my downs and stuff from trips from long ago cause i dont take them anymore 3. used to live where you live and everett and snooks were two of my fav peeps now i live in town and its fine by me cause i come to the point on sundays:)4.64 ford falcon futura hated it but want one for my kid!!

  3. 4. A Hot Tub and a Jeep (or so it was said).
    3. I live in HIJO (said Hi Joe!) in Corolla. Can I get back to you on the forever part?
    2. 99% not my stuff, 1% stuff my sister person got me to make me feel at home and loved. One day I will have what you have.
    1. Call Me Al and I have to listen to it twice, the first time to cry, the second time to smile. I change the channel if it's on the radio cause if I didn't I'd cry all day.
    Your Sister Person

    PS - the angels say hello!

  4. snort . . . I had to type "singingb" to post that.

  5. I love that Ellen Marie and saw her at the last Oyster Festival before I knew anything about her connection to your family. She's a beautiful boat.

    1. There are too many songs to choose from depending on my mood; my life's theme changes with those moods. What You Won't Do for Love by Bobby Caldwell is in the top several, but there's probably a better one that I'm overlooking.
    2. A mixture.
    3. I'm where I want to be broadly speaking - Mathews- but wouldn't mind moving to a smaller house (still on the water) that comes with landscapers and maids.
    4. 16th birtday involved a six pack of beer and that's all I'm saying about that.

  6. I'm only answering number three... because I'm like that.

    I live in Washington state, south of Seattle in a little town with 4 stoplights. I can see Puget Sound from my upstairs window. I will probably move soon. I need to get away from the airport and the freeway so I can breathe. I'll miss my little town.

  7. Love to answer questions.

    1. I have no favorite song right now, I am fickle, but the last one was Sarah Turnaround on Hall & Oats' Abandoned Luncheonette .. once it was Barry Manilow's Copacabanna ..

    2. If you saw my tiny apartment you'd know I was into shabby chic .. sometimes the chic isnt there and its just shabby. Best table in the world is our coffee table made from the top of a teacher's desk ToonMan 'found' at the Manhattan School of Music when he was working there as a carpenter (its a another way for unemployed actors to earn $$ vs waiting tables or driving cabs). He also had a table, a nice one, follow him home one night.

    3. I live in Manhattan before that I lived in the Bronx .. I am a life long NewYawker, and cannot imagine living anywhere else tho I do love traveling.

    4. Ah my Sweet 16. Well I had a party planned, at a Japanese restaurant .. Saito's it was called. The year I turned 16 there were a lot of others having parties too .. and I went to Joan Russ's Sweet 16 2 weekends before mine. It was fun, but I didnt feel so good later that evening .. turns out I had chicken pox! So my Sweet 16 was postponed and the 'venue' was changed to an Italian restaurant but the favors were these two little Japanese dolls .. hey pox happens.

    THIS weekend I plan doing my ritual beautification™ on Saturday and then on Sunday I am going to the Flea Market .. and maybe to brunch w/my friend Wendy.

  8. 1. "Sweet Love" by the Commodores "...Put a little love in your heart, a little heart in your love..."

    2. I'm all about the old and used, with a hint of Pottery Barn tossed in.

    3. I live in the middle of nowhere. I'm good with that:)

    4. For my 16th birthday, I got a driver's license and a job!!

  9. Did so enjoy the pictures as I knew all of them when growing up...

  10. great pictures Re. MM

  11. I took the time to read, including all the comments, so... Unlike Daryl I hate answering questions about myself and I'm not as brave as Diane, if I don't answer all four I would fear you "gettin on me" for not following directions :) 1. I get way too much into lyrics on songs so it's real hard to pick a favorite or a theme song, I can't even come up for a theme for "me". 2. Surrounded by antiques, although it irritates me that all from Dad's side are oak (light stain) and Mom's Yankee-birthed stuff is mahogany, so one room is one color and the next another. When I leave here I want all the dark stuff and Jimmy could take the light to match his household, though I have no clue where he'd put it among all the chil'ens at his house... which is a hint at #3. I live in the Glebe, hate living in Mathews these last 5 years, want out asap, and headed for the "city". 4. Nothing exciting for my 16th b-day, I got my car 4 months later for Christmas that year, delivered to school, that was the coolest thing ever! And this weekend I have the overnight phones for work, so that means no sleep (and also the reason I'm up this early on a Saturday, since 6:18A). Going to Braden's basketball game in a bit and going to try and take Sal out to get her hair cut and to lunch today, of course Sunday is church and NASCAR.
    Thx, Re for doing what you do...and sharing it with us.