Wednesday, February 10, 2010

RE'sycled Wednesday

I know that some of you know I had another blog not to long ago... well even longer ago than that I had another one. I wanted to share with all of you some of the things that I wrote way back then ... Wednesday's will be Re's Recycling day.

June 18th 2006 - blog- Drake's Mom Knits and Wears Combat Boots

See?? You really can't fix stupid.....

and on top of that it is hereditary. My mother actually had me explain to her yesterday what exactly a blog was. At first she wanted to know what the letters stood for. Uh.. they stand for nothing.. it is a word. A word like.. word. She says "I don't understand" I say "I don't understand what you don't understand. Blog is a word not letters.. Well it is letters but the letters don't mean anything .. well the do mean something but only if you smoosh them together.. separately they mean nothing." She makes me move along at this point. Right now I am not sure that she understands that the letters only mean something if smooshed but that is her problem not mine. So she says "what do people do with blogs?" Well I myself I read them. It isn't like you can take them out on a date.. or to the movies .. or to dinner.. well I suppose you could if you had wireless but I prefer human contact at these places not just the warm glow of my laptop screen. She replies with "I don't understand." You aren't understanding a lot today are you ma. Ok.. seriously a blog is short for web log.. Before I can finish I get.. "Why did they take away the WE part of it?" Shit. I am never going to finish this conversation. "Because Ma there is no WE in Blog a blog is about ME or I never WE. Well maybe some blogs are about WE.. but MY blog is ABOUT ME. So I didn't like WE on there so just drop it ok!" Ok back to the conversation.. I explain that blogs are online journals BREAK IN AGAIN "Why didn't they just call them that? It sounds better than Blog."
"Christ woman.. SHUT UP ALREADY. I don't know and I don't care. It is a blog now.. just call it that!!!" Back on topic. I explain it is where people go online and share experiences and thoughts and memories and stories and opinions. You can write anything to a blog.. anything at all. And you can write it BADLY like I do. I don't even have to use any punctuation and Mrs McDaniels is not going to come up behind me and give me an F like she did that one time when I tried that just to be creative. She didn't like me much. I explained that some peoples blogs (get over it and quit shuttering every time I use the word blog.. it is what it is called) are serious.. some are funny.. some tell of sickness .. some tell of happiness. There are about everything and nothing. It is a world in which I can get lost and forget who I am supposed to be and be who I really AM. She then says.. "OH you have your own blog?"
"Yes ma I do."
"What is the name of it?"
"Doesn’t matter ma.. you don't want to read it.. it is about me."
"Yea.. you are right."
After an audible sigh on my part I get back on topic.
"So do you now understand what a blog is?"
"Yes I think I do.. it is one of those annoying things that pops up when I am trying to find something online and I have close about 20 of them."

Goodbye ma.


  1. Oh you all!!!!!!


  2. I would not even try to tell my mom about a blog. When we got our first computer (a commador 64)she said ;Just something else I have to dust DAMNIT! MM

  3. I am sure my mom wouldnt have understood either but I bet my dad would have liked to have one of his own, he was really into using the computer .. nevertheless I loved this post and your writing (and knitting)

  4. I think it is a condensed word for Web Log....and my mother would never have understood. She could barely operate an answering machine. God Bless her....

  5. do we get bonus points if we remember the post as new?