Saturday, February 6, 2010

Silent Snowy Saturday

Ok when have I ever been able to be silent??? I don't know how to do be silent.... or still.. or apparently how to keep Razzi out of the snow. (I named my camera too in honor of those who wouldn't stop calling it a Paparazzi camera ;) Love you Wonky Ladies)

Anyhoooooo.. We had a tiny bit of time this afternoon that the snow actually stopped, that tiny bit of time was the amount of time that it took for me to put on my coat grab my camera, stick my feet in my boots, and to head out in the snow in my capri sweats that I have been lounging in all day! (yes I got dressed just not fully dressed like the bottom of my pants were missing not fully) As soon as I got to the bottom of the steps it started again just a tiny bit so I braved it and continued until it got bad enough that Razzi was crying that she was cold and was hiding in my jacket.

Here is what I got for you.

Isn't it pretty?? I like laying down and taking pics of these things from in the middle of them.. That wasn't happening in capri pants.

This was easier. It was quite a bit taller than me.

Personally I LOVED this one... the way the snow blew up on that old boat was just incredible to me... and beautiful.

Just a peaceful winter wonderland out there this afternoon.

I don't know what to say about this but I thought it was a good idea at the time... shame I didn't have enough sense to turn just a tiny bit...

I love snow on trees....

And now for some Binky Lovin Fun!!!

Mom... I am not sure I like this stuff my feet they are cold.

Maybe if I *HOP* *HOP* *HOP* it won't be so bad....

Headed out for a little stroll in the white stuff...


I passed "my spot"... got to head back....

"ahhhhhhhhh that is better"... wait.. do I hear something (click click click) I think I hear...

"MOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!! Can I get a bit of privacy PLEEEEEZZZZEEEEE!!!!"

Razzi Camera - too much to mention
Couple inches of snow- free
Catching the Binky Boo going pee pee with both back feet off the ground... PRICELESS!!!!!


  1. Binky is too funny! Maddie would not lower her undercarriage either. Not in that snow!

  2. Great pictures ... as always. Poor Bink, being defiled by her mother like that... LOL

  3. Quick hot water I think my ass is stuck to stone. An by the way I have been looking for my boat for 16 years, and it shows up in your picture. I will be by next week to pick it up. LOL you no who this is and now that I have found your blog you will be hearing alot from me!

  4. Love the pictures, especially the boat. I seemed to have slept through teh entire day and missed any opportunity to get out, but I'm assuming it will still be here tomorrow.

    Binky is too much. I've never seen anything quite like that.

  5. Diane... Bink HATES IT.. last week it was up to her belly.. as far as she would go is the bottom of the step and then right under the deck... Maddie and Binky would get along perfectly..

    Tee.. I love that you posted!

    MM... you can not.. I repeat CAN NOT remove my junk.. I mean the character from the back yard.. and I look forward to the things you have to say ;)

    CBW .. for as much as I got done today I should have just slept.

  6. Ok AM get to work you are to good not to be posting more often!!!!!!!!!! MM