Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saying Sunday

I am sitting here staring at a blank screen ...
Note to self: write down the sayings as you hear them because the alcohol your age has finally affected your memory.

So I needed a little help this morning with exactly what I was going to write about I may as well start getting used to it my Daddy keeps telling me it will only get worse. The good thing is I have good friends who always come through for me, one who made the lightbulb come on this morning and the other who actually gave me the story to write about.

Technically I don't suppose this is a "saying" but it will do and the story is rather funny.

Cut in the Butter.

Cooking phrase right? Yes I know it is but what the hell this is my blog and I am already rambling so who gives a hoot if I don't really use a everyday phrase right? I mean I could start something and make Cut in the Butter mean something other than Cut in the Butter but I won't cause I don't have the energy, and we already have cutting going on in Phrases (note to self read the note to self above and write these down NOW) we have Cut the Cheese, or Cut a Rug, or Cut a Rip see plenty of Cuts we don't need to Add Cut in the Butter.

A few years ago I was hanging out with my very special sister, (I won't name any names here cause that is just wrong) and she was making me.... making me... making me.. (oh lord I forgot I had to type that word.. I hate this word... ick) she was making me *gasp* apple crisp. (the fact I hate the word crisp has nothing to do with the story by the way and is a long post for another day) So as she was going along she was reading the recipe out loud to me and then actually performing what it said. Add 1 Cup Sugar and she would measure the sugar and dump it in, after a few minutes I got a bit bored of watching this little play so I wasn't paying much attention until I heard "Cut in 1 stick of butter" and I perked right up. I sat up straight on the edge of my chair cause I just HAD to see what happened next. As expected she walked over to the fridge and pulled out a stick of butter (that she hadn't softened by the way cause we all know when making such recipes it helps to soften a tiny bit.. and by all I mean everyone but my sister) unwraps the butter and holds the stick of butter in one hand the largest knife I have ever seen in the other and started cutting tiny pieces off of the butter stick into the dry mixture.

All I could manage to do was sit there and laugh and finally after she got finished with the task at hand managed to muster out.. "What the HELL are you doing???" (see how I filled in the blank there) her reply of course was "CUTTING in the butter!"

(insert eye roll)

Would you believe that *I* am the blond???

So, do you have any recipe fiasco's you can tell us about? Do you have a favorite recipe that you would like to share? Or maybe you found a 100 year old 500 lb heart attack in the disguise of a dessert recipe you could tell us about.

Happy Sunday Ya'll!


  1. I was rambling, rumbling or fallen down in my great grandfathers old home place on Saturday as rumbling (one of them) through all of the nice stuff (junk) I found a recipe box which must have been 75 yrs old. There was much damage to the box, but a few of the recipe's had survived (well sorta).One of them was in better shape that the others. I think it was for pound cake. However if it was you can not call it "POUND" cake you would have to call it"500"pd. pound cake. The recipe went something like this: 2 cups ground flour(ground flour what?) 6 sticks or helpings of butter. (wet spot) 3 cups of cane sugar of rock sugar melted. 1/4 cup lard, soda powder, 1 cup of fresh goats milk! Add walnuts from under the house. thats all I could read. What ever it was I bet it was good!! MM

  2. Too many to list put it this way when the smoke alarm goes off the kids know its dinner time:)

  3. Fiascos are me, my life and I.

    And Mathews Mark - I thought that sounded like pound cake too, but I believe Pookie said later on it might have been for pudding? Either way, that was a priceless piece of paper - with I'd taken a picture of that.

  4. What an awesome recipe . . . walnuts under the house.

    Re, whose your other sister? That would have been funny to witness. SNORT!


  5. My fav is Beth's first attempt at banana bread, and inserting a toothpick into the center of the loaf, before baking. I asked what are you doing and she told me the recipe said to bake until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean..........did it say bake the toothpick. I have always wondered who was right the she or me..surely not the recipe!!!!

  6. I spent the day away from the apartment because ToonMan was working with a client/friend and seriously the place is so small if I stayed I would have had to be quiet and anyone who knows me, knows that is not possible....

  7. I dont bake. thank God for those conterfeit cinnamon rolls in the dairy section and your fantastic cooking skills!