Saturday, February 20, 2010


Top Wordle Made from Hillbilly Gothic

Second Wordle taken from the old one. (look close ladies you will see some good ones

This post is brought to you because of this lovely lady who pointed me here.

I enjoyed sifting through the words from Hillbilly Gothic so much last night that I went back and did the same thing with my old longer blog and loved it as well. I have decided I am going to be printing and framing these words and hanging them close to my "office space" which is really no more than a corner of the Princess Room. (which is just fine with me cause the Princess Room ROCKS!)

So today have fun.. go play here for a few minutes and think about the words you use the most.

This evening I am taking the Watergirl and her friends to see Dear John and out to eat, which means Jauns here we come. That child would eat Nachos 3 times a day 7 days a week if I let her.
I am not sure I am up to such a sappy movie but hey this is for her not me.

Happy Saturday all.


  1. Wait, are you saying there's something wrong with nachos three times a day? Nachos are the bread of life and salsa is the lifeblood, at least that's what I thought. OF course this is coming from someone who hate BBQ potato chips and Pepsi for breakfast most summers during the college years.

    Happy Birthday to the Watergirl. Have a great time.

  2. Juans= white sauce=love

  3. to many big words in there for me. Reminds me of my brain before coffee. have fun MM

  4. I like them in black/white ..

    Happy Birthday Watergirl .. your mom is really a cool chick!

  5. Happy Birthday, Watergirl!!! May you have all of the nachos you can eat;)