Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saying Sunday

For some time now I have been trying to find something that I could do weekly...
Silent Saturday/Sunday, Wordless Wednesday, Three Thing Thursday all are VERY cool but all are also very taken. I wanted something new, something different, something that would make you go... "what the????"

Over the last week or so myself and some of my Mathews counterparts (HER and HIM) have dabbled back in forth with sayings the locals or our parents have said over the years, when I realized I could post about that for an entire month I knew I was on to something... so here you have it Saying Sunday.

On Saying Sunday I will take a word, a phrase, or a saying that I have heard during the week, month, my life time and I will analyze it and what it means or what I thought it meant cause that is much more comical really.

This week... "What the...."

These days most of the time that is all you hear.. "What the ...." There is NOTHING following the "the". Personally I think this is just the laziness of today's youth in that they shorten EVERYTHING. I mean we have LOL, and IDK, and BFF and now they are taking the NOUN out of "What the ______." (and yes I realize that they do use WTH and WTF but that is just more laziness)

The fun back in the day was to fill in the blank of What the ______. with something different and entertaining something that half the people around you didn't even understand.

Let me give you some examples.

What the bejeezus. (Bejeezus is the cousin to the Bedazzle by the way)
What the hay (I am not sure why horse food was ever used)
What the devil (I think people just wanted to try to blame the fella on something that made no sense)
What the tarnation (also used with IN as in What in tarnation.. I have no clue what or where tarnation is ... maybe I will go there on my next vacation.)
What the blazes (I can't even being to ponder why anyone says this.
What the Sam Hill (also another used with in.... maybe I need to visit there too or figure out who Sam is at least)


Either way I do believe this picture from yesterday would make ANYONE say ANY of those sayings. Except the one person that commented.... "the hell???" Which is another topic all together!

Fill in the blank with your own odd filling... "What the ______." Let's see who gets the funniest!


  1. My favoritest grandmother from Gloucester always said, "What in the hello pete?" which presumably was a more polite way of saying "What in the hell?" because the hell changes to hello, pete!

    Many of the words that fill in that blank are more polite ways of cussing or using the Lord's name in vain. Bejeesus or jeebus is not Jesus, technically, so therefore you're not saying anything wrong even though everybody knows what you mean. Hay instead of hell, same thing.

    At the risk of going to hay, I like to drop the f bomb. Well, I don't really LIKE to drop the f bomb, I am forced to quite frequently by life and all its frustrations, so my personal word to fill in the blank would probably be the bomb that begins with f. Even though it's not ladylike.

    I'm going straight to tarnation in a handbasket.

  2. My son's favorites: What the freak (his way of not cussin) What the weird o (talkin about Me) My favorites: what the man ( talkin about the cop that stopped me 5 times in one week back in my wilder days) What the Dumass: ( some one that passes you on the wrong side goin up the river, yes people their is a right and wrong side on the water) What the Dumass: (agian,My mom talkin about me when the cop stopped me 5 times) What the world is comin to (my day talkin about politics) MM

  3. What the.... flip!? Just another substitution for the F bomb i'm sure but sounds a little cleaner when you are surrounded by todays wonderful teenage population... God forbid "I" be responsible in any way of further corrupting our "future"..

  4. What in God's name is that dog doing???

  5. you know I love the F bomb, its my personal favorite!!! kinda use almost every sentence its the northerner in me!!! or maybe the newpointer!!


  6. How the hell did my butt get stuck here?

    I do believe tarnation encompasses all the tar'ed roof tops in NYC .. seriously