Friday, February 26, 2010

Fun Facts Friday

Well everyone it is Fun Fact Friday once again and guess what the first fact is.

1. I have not a clue what to write about today.

2. I have been sitting here staring at the screen again for 10 minutes.

3. I have been sitting here staring at the screen not trying to think about what to write but thinking about what I can play with next.

4. I have spent too much time the past two days playing with PSE6.

5. I am posting a few pics of the Impish Grinny Person cause I know some people who adore it.

6. Today is day two on the running plan schedule, someone pray for me, if you do that sort of thing.

7. This is my Ex Step Granddaughter.

8. I hate using the phrase Ex or Step so she is just my Granddaugther, Sophia Nicole.

9. I hope to find something better to write about tomorrow.

What are your plans for the weekend? Mine are to try not to play with my new lens too much!!!!!
Smooches and Happy Friday!


  1. I remember that grin!
    What's this I hear about a new lens???
    Easy on the running. Start slow!

  2. OK, you can put any amount of ex-s or steps or whatever in there, but there's no way you can use the word grandmother in any sentence that refers back to yourself. Because if you're old enough to be a grandmother, then I must be writing this from Smithers Cemetery, where I was buried in a very simple ceremony involving laughter, wine and music.

    The impish grin character really is photogenic. Can't wait to hear about the lens, not that I know one iota about anything other than the autobutton on a camera.

  3. CBW cracks me up......but alas i am a grandma and now to be x2. I actually saw her last night but did not get to speak she was talking to a dr. and did not want to interupt!!

  4. not to not comment on the grin or your granchild cause the other pic of you holding said child is priceless:)

  5. no comment to cold MM

  6. Grandmother???? She is adorable! And so is Impish Grinny. And so is the rest of your household! Happy Weekend!

  7. Here are my fun facts for Friday:

    1. I LOVE the name 'Sophia'.
    2. It's freakin' COLD outside. I'm not convinced that we will actually have a summer this year.
    3. My dog still smells like skunk. Would you like to keep him until the smell wears off?

  8. I just got back inside after taking many photos of the snow in the park, that is all i have to say .

  9. great pics!
    i'll be on the road this weekend. doing something i dread.
    love you.

  10. Sophia is a great name.
    My plans for this weekend? A test. And so far, so good.