Thursday, February 25, 2010

In Training


Yesterday morning I got up had coffee and decided to clean off 3 months of dust from lace up my tennis shoes. What in the hell was I thinking???
Color Pop

Well the good news is I made it back the bad news is I found it quite difficult to run while holding Razzi with the 70-300 lens on. Yes you read that right, run, not walk, run. I started THIS today in preparation for the Wesley Ashberry Twilight 5K Run/Walk Benefit. If you would like, you can find more information at the Mathews Land Conservancy under Events. I encourage everyone to come out and participate, no you don't have to run or walk, you can just spend some time with some great people and eat some BBQ. (I don't see me eating much as I will probably be puking in the bushes too busy drinking water.)

Classic Blue

Tomorrow will be a bit different, I think I will wait on the coffee until I get back and I will probably leave Razzi at home and take the dog with me instead.

Light Pop

I would also like to take this time to again let CBW, Noe Noe Girl, and Big Hair should the event of my demise occur due to this venture in running that you will all be joint custodians of Razzi, she will spend 4 months of the year with each of you.

To the Sister Person who I love dearly, so help me if you have me cremated I will come back and haunt you FOREVER I give you back all of the things I have of yours and you get the Princess Bedroom (cause well half of it is yours anyway), I also leave to you my phone and my MAC please do what you need to do with those. (Just please keep in mind that every picture I have ever taken is on there before you do what you need to do.)


To the rest of the people who read this mumbo jumbo... oh forget it who am I kidding.


After I returned back home from my date with torture my walk/run I started reading some of my favorite people's blogs and this little badge on HERS said Coffee on it so I had to click it. Imagine my surprise when it had nothing at all to do with coffee but were actually Actions to be used in Photoshop Elements and even though I vowed never to retouch a shot again I couldn't resist.. IT SAID COFFEE COME ON CUT ME SOME SLACK!


So today throughout my ass or rated post I littered two of my favorite shots from yesterday's adventure with actions I used, over all two turned out AMAZING and I think I will actually enjoy using them again now that I have been away from them for awhile.

What do you think? Which is your favorite? Do you have one that you just HATE? Let me know leave a comment say Hi.


  1. Post sent in via email due to my sweet sisters busy busy schedule today.

    copy and paste:dearest of dear sister people,
    do I need to start training for said event? if so, how far must I crawl? in miles please. I don't understand k. And I don't get knots either. how fast is that?
    Congratulations on the new training program! But if you should have to die, make sure your dead dead. Cause I'd have to kill you. I am in no shape for draping myself on a casket. Especially considering He Who Does Not Know His Legacy might be in attendance.
    why do I not get to visit with Razzi? I think I might be hurt by this.

  2. Razzi will be in good hands as long as she has an auto button because I'll ruin her if there isn't an auto button.

    I'd not heard of this event, but I would love to have something which forces me to get moving. Will definitely check it out. Good for you for taking the first step, no pun intended.

    My favorites are the first (vintage) and the last (original). Seriously. On the lighthouse, I'd have to go with honey, though I'm not sure.

  3. Love all the pictures....your very good at what you do..
    as for the trainig part..VERY proud of you...
    and as far as for casket'm with sister person..LET'S NOT GO THERE..

  4. This is the prettiest Last Will and Testament I've ever seen! But we need to establish the sound mind part....

  5. The first one is my favorite. It reminds me of our trips to the river when my sisters and I were little:)

    I promise to take good care of Razzi. What's a 70-300?

    I'm planning to get back into the gym Monday. I won't be running any K's, but I will be working hard to get rid of this winter blubber!!!

  6. I think I will run it back wards to make every one think they are running the wrong way !! MM

  7. Original and color pop ..

    now, 'splain to me how to use them w/PSE .. I hate PSE so much .. sigh I had someone give me a copy of Adobe Creative Suite because I was sure PS was easier to use .. its not. SIGH.

  8. Moody and Last Original.

    Way to go on the training. You make me proud. But if you die, I'll swear I'll kill you!

    Can I be the first to keep Razzi since I'm the oldest?

  9. I like them all, really. Different ones for different moods. I can get lost in Photoshop sometimes. And textures? I'm just warning you. So you have discovered the Coffee Shop, eh? There are also actions at PW's that are all free. TRA (Totally Rad) also has free ones to try out. Not sure if they work with elements. I have an old version of Photoshop' it's CS2. But it works. I'd like to see your photos larger. Just sayin'!!