Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saying Sunday

Today I am sharing with you two little known to the public phrases from my life. Hate me if you want for one, but he is my kid I know his humor and trust me he prefers it this way.

In December the Baby Waterboy was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, nothing to worry about it just helps explain a few things and it does in fact help you (you as in the two people who read this mess of mumbo jumbo that is in my head) understand how in the world the Valentine's story I am sharing today even happened, but for now back to Asperger's. When this all started a few months ago I picked up every book I could find on Asperger's and read and read and it was technical and clinical until I found one in particular titled Look me in the Eye and I finally felt some sort of connection. Not only had I read other books by the author's brother but the things that this author wrote about hit home and everything started to look up and make a bit of sense to me. At some point in the book it was pointed out that the name Asperger's could sound an awful lot like Ass Burger and I had my hook. Since that time I have used that little phrase to get me through the rough spots and believe me.. I need something to get me through those. So there is phrase one of today's post Ass Burger.

Ass Burger- everything and anything that you can not possibly understand that happens in this household which are many.
Example of usage
"Mama I can't figure out what in the world that Baby Waterboy is talking about."
"Don't worry about it Watergirl it is just an Ass Burger."
(fits of giggles all around)

Now, remember where I told you above that the diagnosis did not come until just this December? Well the below story I wrote about the Baby Waterboy back in February 2006 back when he was just a Dude.

Every now and then there is proof..

That the kid is really mine. Well other than the fact that he looks just like me that is.

For Valentine's Day my roommates Ex Husband.. (yes we are all friends.. talk about putting the fun in dysfunctional) gives Dude a box of chocolate (oh and I got some too) Anyway this is about Dude not what we all got for Valentine's Day. So here is Dude sitting at the bar looking at this box of chocolate that he just received via me because the Ex Husband wasn't there at the time. I had already said.. here this is from E so he wouldn't get confused and think I had actually purchased him anything. After about 30 seconds of him looking at the box he looks up at me with those brilliant green eyes and says..

"Mama, how did E know I liked Ass- Or- Ated chocolate".. That is right.. ass. or. ated! After 30 minutes of laughing at him.. I composed myself enough to look at him and say..

Yup.. You're mine.

Phrase Two of today's post Ass Or Ated.

Ass Or Ated- a combination of things in a mumbo jumbo mess
Example of usage
What you are reading today are the Ass Or Ated thoughts in my mind.

Smoochies all around.


  1. You know Ass-burgers is just one end of the spectrum of autism. While kids with ass-burgers have challenges that will make you shake your head (as a mom), they can be so unique and funny! Their view of the world is priceless!

    Have an awesome Valentines Day!

  2. I was blessed with two great son's don't no why, I did every thing I could to screw it up! Thats all i got today. MM

  3. My basement is assorated, and I am dreading going down there to get it straight.